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Ultrasonic Polishing System
Introducing the all new Sanwa Shoko LAPTRON S ultrasonic polishing system.
LAPTRON S provides high frequency reciprocation movement for a variety of  polishing tools such as ceramic polishing stones. diamond files, wood lapping sticks, brass and steel laps and many more.
The frequency is automatically adjusted for the tool that is mounted to the hand piece. The power of the reciprocation can be adjusted on the power pack for even the most delicate work.
LAPTRON S kit comes with 3 tool holders for round and flat tools, ultrasonic hand piece, power pack, wrenches and operating instructions.
LAPTRON S Tool Holders
LAPTRON S provides superior performance for finishing slots, ribs, delicate areas, details and is great for removing edm scale, tool marks, flaws and etc in almost any material. It reduces hand polishing by time by at least 70%! The hand piece is small ( approx 23m diameter ) and very light.
                                       ●Power unit
Input                                              AC100V 50 / 60Hz, 50VA  Output     supersonic oscillation                    13W max, 20KHz
                                                     Non step output adjustment
Dimensions                                   (W×D×H)mm 236×105×160
Weight approx.                             2.3kg 
                                      ●Hand tool
Dimensions                                   (Diameter×Length)mm φ23×120
Weight                                          approx. 110g 

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